I know, I’ll reenact a key Korea versus Japan naval battle!

2009 Great Battle of Myeongryang Festival

Okay, I’m not actually going to be doing the reenacting but the subject of this post seemed boring otherwise. It’s gotcha journalism. Don’t hate the player.

Anyway, there is a big festival down in the southwestern part of the Republic of Korea called the 2009 Great Battle of Myeongryang Festival. Part of the festival includes a giant naval reenactment, a parade and more. It sounds like it might be fun.

2009 Great Battle of Myeongryang Festival

Here’s what the promotional material says:

“Co-hosted by the province of Jeollanam-do and the counties of Haenam-
gun and Jindo-gun, the 2009 Great Battle of Myeongryang Festival (Oct 9-11) celebrates the miraculous triumph at the Battle of Myeongryang, when war hero Admiral Yi Sun-sin led 13 Korean ships to victory over an enemy Japanese fleet of 333 ships. The four-day festival, to be held from Oct. 8 to 11 in the area around the Myeongryang Strait (also known as the Uldol Strait), is highlighted by a spectacular recreation of the battle — the massive reenactment features about 100 boats owned by local fishermen, with a total crew of 3,000 men. While you’re in town, you can take in the wonders of the so-called Namdo region, which encompasses the far southwestern corner of the Korean Peninsula. Sites include the beautiful Buddhist temples of Daeheung-sa and Mihwang-sa and the scenic island of Jindo. Throw into the mix some of the finest food in Korea, and you’re set for an outstanding weekend. More Information: (061) 286-5251 or http://www.mrdc.kr. Getting There: Most of the festival activities take place along the Myeongryang Strait, near the Jindo Bridge. To get there from Seoul, take the KTX from Seoul’s Yongsan Station to Mokpo (travel time: 3hr 30min). There are shuttle buses to the venue from Mokpo Station.”

2009 Great Battle of Myeongryang Festival


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