Dongdaemun Pet Market in Seoul

One of the interesting things about Seoul is that there are many areas of town where vendors who sell similar types of items gather in close proximity. As an American, the idea of setting up shop right next door to fifty competitors seems counterintuitive, but it seems to work well for vendors here in Seoul. There is a large pet market in Seoul near the site of the city’s old east gate, Dongdaemun, where many different types of vendors set up shop. One of the most colorful and interesting to me is the Dongdaemun pet market area. In the space of about one city block there are 20 or more vendors selling pets of all kinds. They have many of the same kinds of fish, birds, dogs, cats and other small animals that you would find in any U.S. pet store. They also have pets that I haven’t often seen in the U.S. This weekend I saw chickens, roosters, pea fowl (peacocks and pea hens), hedgehogs, snapping turtles and the most rare and exotic pet of them all… chipmunks.


2 thoughts on “Dongdaemun Pet Market in Seoul

  1. pls can you explain where this place is, i spent about 4 hours in Dongdaemun looking for this store, even the locals hardly new where it was, i think i got very close at some point but couldn’t find it and by that time it was dark.

    A map (google) or such would be much appreciated

    Thank you


    1. Sorry for the several months late reply, it is probably no good to you now, but I feel I owe it to you. Sorry, I haven’t been paying any attention to my blog since I moved back to the states. If you go to the dongdaemun gate and walk toward the big clothing malls, you will eventually get past all of the clothes and start seeing pets. I can’t really explain it any better than that.


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