Texas-shaped things

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about this ever since I noticed the Texas-shaped thing phenomenon here in San Antonio. As a new resident of Texas, I wasn’t aware that many household items and other common things come in two forms: the normally shaped version and the obviously improved Texas-shaped version.

Texas-shaped Snack Platter
A Texas-shaped snack platter in the local grocery store
Texas-sized jelly beans in a Texas-shaped container
Here are more Texas-sized jelly beans in a Texas-shaped container.

It seems that Texans are intensely proud of their state — apparently, even the shape of it. I’ve lived in several states, but I’ve never been in a place where the people seem so intensely interested in the geometry of the geography.

Below are some examples of Texas-shaped items I’ve seen since I started living here in San Antonio:

A suede, Texas-shaped pot holder
A suede, Texas-shaped pot holder.
Texas-themed shapes are everywhere
Don’t even get me started on the longhorn-shaped things everywhere. Remember the Alamo!
Texas-shaped cookie cutter/biscuit form?
I’m guessing you can make Texas-shaped cookies or biscuits with this.
Texas-shaped waffle iron
I even found a Texas-shaped waffle iron at a hotel where I stayed while I was looking for a house.
Texas-shaped waffle batter
You pour in a lake of Texas-shaped waffle batter and…
Texas-shaped waffle
…end up with a Texas-shaped waffle. I have seen these Texas-shaped waffle irons in every Texas hotel with complimentary breakfast.
A Texas-shaped peanut confection.
Even candy is Texas-shaped.
Texas-shaped birthday cake
Of course, our family felt it was only fitting to participate in this Texas-shaped madness. My daughter baked and decorated this Texas-shaped birthday cake for a friend’s birthday.
Texas-shaped, cowboy-hat-shaped and cowboy-boot-shaped cookies
I forgot to mention all of the cowboy hat and cowboy boot shaped things.
Texas-sized Jelly Beans
These jelly beans aren’t Texas-shaped, they’re Texas-sized.

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