The evolution of the Starbucks logo

The Original Starbucks Coffee in Seattle

For the last couple of days, I have been going through my bajillions (that’s a number, right?) of digital photos. I am working to update my personal travel and design blog here that I have neglected for years. I’m a bit overwhelmed by all of the photos and blog ideas that have presented themselves as a result.

I can’t think of any reasonable way to logically get through all of the photos and all of the topics, so I’m just trying to start from the oldest photos and work forward while also trying to fill categories with at least one or two relevant posts.

In my search for bloggable (that’s a word, right?) photos, I stumbled upon a photo (above) that I took in Seattle when I visited the original Starbucks location back in 2009. I actually like the old logo, not because it is a testament to good design (it really isn’t), and not because of the mermaid’s exposed boobs (c’mon, people).  I just think it has a funky kind of character that, I suspect, matches the vibe and culture of the early company. Apparently, that old logo actually caused a bit of controversy back in the day.

The logo has been through lots of different iterations over the years.  Now it has reached the point where it can join companies like Apple, Nike, and McDonalds who don’t even need to put their name anywhere near their logo anymore.  Well, would you look at that, they removed their name from their logo in 2011:

This image came from the Starbucks website with the caption: “The Siren and Her Many Ways, From a 16th century woodcut to today”

Here’s another image from the Starbucks site showing the evolution of their logo on their cups:


See more about their logo over the years on their website.



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