My fellow Americans: America is already pretty great

We don’t need to make America great again because America never stopped being great.

We can’t live in the past or move backwards out of a flawed sense of nostalgia for an America that can only be seen through rose-colored glasses.

“We, the people” must move ever forward as we strive to become a “more perfect union.”

America is the undisputed leader of the world in many areas, but a follower in other areas – and that’s okay.

The United States of America is not perfect
. No nation is, was, or will ever be perfect.

We can’t allow ourselves to be defined by fear, anger or hate.

Humility, accurate self-reflection, good-faith intent and measured self-confidence are the hallmarks of mature, stable people – and nations.

A great nation isn’t a bully and isn’t run by bullies. 

A great nation isn’t motivated by fear, anger or hate.

A great nation doesn’t intentionally seek profit at the expense of weaker, poorer nations.

America faces two roads that diverge – two roads that lead to very different futures.

History is a quiet, patient teacher that will let us learn a lesson the hard way.

Before we willingly chose a path of anger or populism, we should look at the history of the many failed nations and empires that made similar choices for similar reasons.

We should never forget that ideas have consequences.

We must not forget how we earned our current place in the world – by standing up for our best principles, by fighting hate at home and abroad, by welcoming huddled masses who yearn to be free and by valuing the inalienable equality of all humanity.

Many of us are understandably frustrated and angry with the political shenanigans that have plagued our system in recent years, but we can’t succumb to our baser instincts in the moment to support a cure that will very likely be worse than the disease.


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